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With our Bitcoin ATM’s it is the easiest and safest way to purchase or sell Bitcoin with cash. Become part of our financial system for the future of South Africa. You will have access to a large network of Bitcoin ATM’s across the country.

Private Clients

Our team will provide help with your digital transactions whenever you need it. So you can feel safe making large transactions with Anker ATM. At Anker we will assist you personally, or your company exchange. 

Get a Bitcoin POS system

Anker POS System

The point of sale systems will be an integral part of adoption. These can be deployed alongside the ATM in shopping malls and store in order for users to use their newly bought BTC and ANK tokens. That way there are no fluctuation risks for the retailer or merchant. Perfect for merchants, shops, restaurants and hotels. No fluctuation and no risk. Add this one of a kind device and see your sales soar. To inquire send us an email to

How to Buy & Sell?

How to BUY Bitcoin?

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